Awe-Inspiring Photos Of The Enormous Clouds That Produce Tornadoes

California-based award-winning photographer Camille Seaman is known for her breath-taking images of the polar regions, in particular, her amazing project ‘The Last Iceberg’.

Following in the trend of natural phenomenon, her latest project—‘The Big Cloud’—had her stalking and documenting unique clouds called “supercells” in Central America, which are capable of producing tornadoes and large hailstones.

Taken during the storm season of May and June in 2008 to 2012, her photographs beautifully depict these enormous clouds that can measure up to 50-miles wide and reach 65,000-feet into the atmosphere.

These supercells are capable of blocking out sunlight completely, and can turn the areas where they are found “very dark and ominous”—standing beneath them, one would feel very small indeed.

Scroll down for more awe-inspiring shots of these massive clouds.

[via Lenscratch]


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